Creative ways to have fun – there is no better sanctuary than your home.

While a home might provide all the comforts, it can be quite boring too.

Be it during any long vacation or the weekends, you might find the hours long and boring.

And no, watching TV shows is not the only option.

You can do something creative and enjoy it at the same time.

Here are ten outstanding ways to have fun with creative stuff

1. Bring out your old violin or sit down at the piano and play.

If you have memorized a song, review the chords, and play it on the instrument and see how it sounds.

If you are a budding musician, it’s your opportunity to practice and have some fun.

2. You don’t need to go to a club to start dancing.

The floor of your room can serve as the perfect dance floor.

Put on your favorite music and experiment with new dance styles without onlookers.

You can have fun choreographing your own moves.

3. Irrespective of your artistic skills, grab a white sheet and start drawing.

When you were a child, you had fun creating art without bothering how good it was.

Use acrylic, pastel, charcoal or anything you want.

Just remember to have a lot of fun.

4. Although your home is not a summer camp, you can still have fun doing art and craft there.

Search some creative projects online like painting a mug, making dream catchers or making colorful paperweights.

You can create anything beautiful from scratch.

5. Go to the kitchen, rattle the shelves, and find something to cook with.

Nobody expects you to be a chef and prepare gourmet food.

Be it from a recipe online or from a cookbook, all you need to do is have fun with making food.

You can even bake a cake or cookies or try mixing some cocktails in summer.

6. Home is the best place to try new hairstyles and makeup ideas.

Bring out your makeup kit and try to make a smokey eye shadow or to contour your cheeks.

Try new hairstyles and start having fun experimenting with your appearance.

7. Get your hands dirty and plant a garden.

Be it a flower or a vegetable garden, have a lot of fun digging the soil, planting saplings and watering them.

If you like designing landscapes, add some couches in the garden to enjoy a family barbecue.

8. Make some cool DIY project.

Bring out the tech geek inside you and start having fun creating interesting
and highly engaging Arduino based projects.

9. Wear your old coveralls and start repainting your room.

You will be actually surprised how much fun it is to arrange the furniture in
the living room or clear out the kitchen shelves.

Giving your house a new look can kill the boredom considerably.

10. Have fun arranging a party for your friends.

Mix some cocktails, bring out the old board games like Monopoly or play poker.

You can also put on some groovy music and burn calories dancing with your friends.

In today’s busy life, everyone must get to have some fun once in a while.

Ways to enjoy don’t have to be fancy.

You can always find your fun in the above-said activities in your busy schedule.

So, suit yourself and find your own ways to have fun too.

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