How To Create A Website Create A Website With Wix


Create a website with Wix – You may hear from your
business colleagues that you should
hire a web developer for creating a website for your business or product.

Nonetheless, a web developer does the work excellently,
but what if we tell you that you can get the same
job at a price that is affordable and the work is brilliant.

Yes, the website creator- Wix, gives you the best features
that lets you create a website on your own at a cost that you never imagined.

Why spend a big chunk of your money on web developers,
when you have Wix via which you can create
your website by keeping your costs down.

Rather than getting stunned with the
extortionate rates of web developers,
purchase the services of Wix that are cheap and user-friendly.

With Wix, you do not rely on others but do the work on
your own with full control to customize your website.

Wix has got you covered with its features that allow you to not
only create a website but also learn
marketing strategies to help grow your business.

This article guides you to walk you through the
process of creating a website with Wix.

How to create a website with Wix?

The process of how to build a website with
Wix as the tools it has brings simple steps to create one.

Listed below are the easy steps you need
to follow to create a website with Wix.

Step 1: Create a Wix Account

To use the fantastic features of Wix, you need to make an account on Wix.

after you click the button get started,
few questions will be asked related to your website.

Once you answer them, you will be a part of the Wix website building platform.

Step 2: Allow the Wix ADI to create an automated website for you!

Wix’s artificial intelligence designer lets
you create a website if you are new to this practice.

You can also skip this step to move to the next skip.

The ADI asks you a few questions to get an idea of the
type and niche of your business to create a relevant website.

Step 3: Choose from the plethora of template Wix has!

Here you are now accustomed to Wix Editor,
where you can edit your website according to
you by using the different features Wix Editor has.

You can now select the template that best matches
your niche and start working further on it.

Step 4: Explore the Wix editor and customize your website!

The simple drag-and-drop options of the Wix editor
allows you to customize the website easily without
any overwhelming options popping in front of you.

You can alter the setting, size, color,
and text content and style, and many more things.

With the massive options to edit your website,
you can add meta descriptions to the website to build SEO.

You have the opportunity to change the background
and even add videos, images from the library of Wix.

Step 5: Add new functionality to your website with Wix apps!

The Wix App Marketplace is one of the best features of Wix.
It has various free and premium apps that you can
download to add functionality to your website.

The popular apps include Wix Events via which
you can easily create and manage your events online.

The other app is the online store,
where you can turn your website into
an online start with just a few clicks.

Step 6: Publish your brand new Wix Website

This is the step where you make
your website created with Wix publicly accessible.

To do so, you need to publish it

where you have to connect your site to a domain.

There you go, now the visitors can come
to your website and view the fantastic
graphics and images you added to your site.

And, this completes the steps regarding
how to create a website with Wix.

It is simple to get started with Wix as it does not cost a dime,
like all the premium plans of Wix come with a money-back guarantee in two weeks.

On the other hand, you can use the free Wix package forever.

Click here => and create a website with Wix for your next web
project as it costs you nothing but only half an hour of your time.

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