Not so sure how to write a song?

When you begin writing a song for music publishers,
TV commercials or as an artist, the following tips will help you:

1. Start with the title

Create small phrases that sum up your song’s message.

You can use an image or action word in your song writing to give it energy and interest.

2. Make a list of questions

Start writing the song by asking yourself questions like:

What does the song title mean? How do you feel about the song?

List a few questions that you will answer in the lyrics.

3. Choose a song structure

The most important part of learning how to write a song is choosing the song structure.

Presently, the most popular structure is: Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus.

4. Answer one question in chorus and verse

To learn writing a song, look for imagery to bring your emotions to your questions and answers.

If you get too poetic, add a statement with clarity so that listeners don’t feel lost.

5. Find the melody in your lyric

Choose the lines that you like best for your chorus and exaggerate the emotion.

Notice the rhythm and theme of your song and bring the feeling to it.

6. Add chords to your chorus melody

As a part of your song writing, try a simple, repeated chord pattern.

Play with the melody and chords until you like it.

Also, don’t forget to record it somewhere.

7. Answer a question in your first verse

When you are in the process of writing a song, answer a
question in the first verse that will keep listeners hooked.

Repeat steps 4 to 6 with your verse lyrics and melody.

8. Connect your verse and chorus

To know how to write your song, create a transition between the verse and the chorus.

Raise or lower your verse melody or change the last line if needed to reach the chorus smoothly.

9. Build your second verse and bridge

During songwriting, choose another question to answer
in Verse 2. Proceed through Steps 4 – 6. Keep the melody the same
in both the choruses and add a bridge.

It brings a peak emotional moment to your song.

The bridge melody should be different from both verse and chorus.

10. Record your song

A simple piano or guitar with vocal can emphasize the peak
emotional moment of your song.

Practice both the instrumental and vocal parts until you
are comfortable with every chord and note.

When you have recorded your song, even though it’s just a demo,
it will open many doors for you as a song writer.

You can also share your recording on social media platforms – Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube and song platforms like iTunes, or Sound-cloud so that you can gain your fan’s support.

Also, music tycoons can also access your song from there and if you may someday get your lucky chance.

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