Self learning – every time a kid goes to school, we expect learned behavior.

But that does not guarantee that the behavior which may be learned
by that kid will be according to our desires or not.

Similarly, it is also highly possible that kids do not get a chance to express themselves
and their ideas as freely as they should in a controlled environment.

This is why it becomes necessary for everyone to understand the value of self learning
which is an act of learning things on one’s own and without an instructor.

Urge to Self Learning

Autodidacticism or self learning is extremely important in this day and age.

This is because it allows you to take on the new challenges and look
for effective solutions to those problems at hand.

One can do that using the internet or through research based on exploration and observation.

But the most important thing about it is that it can only come when a person feels the desire for something.

This means that if a person feels the urge to gain more information or knowledge about a particular thing, only then they may try to explore different angles about it.

Basis for Exploration

In an environment where people feel the liberation to explore and practice
whatever they think can be of some benefit, they tend to do experiments.

Such experiments are the actual basis of self learning because they allow these people to think out of the box.

This also allows them not only to ensure that the basics are covered but also that new horizons are being explored.

Capacity Building

It should be noted that this is not something which could be regarded as simplistic.

Different people have different capacities, and therefore, they process things in different ways and then learn from them in unique fashions.

It is highly possible that if one presents a situation to a group where they are exposed to the terrible consequences of smoking,
each may learn different aspects from it.

But once they try to explore how smoking is hazardous by doing research and by physically exploring such situations,
they may feel that learning on their own allows them to explore all the unique angles and aspects they want.

It is also highly possible for many to try over and over again to quit smoking and still feel that they are perhaps fragile in their will power.

But what they will surely feel is that there will always be an increase in continuous self learning.

Self learning plays a vital role in increasing the tendency to explore more.

It builds self-confidence and a way to research certain topics
they find interesting, which helps them to identify their area of interest.

Self-studies are more reliable form as it ensures that the student has been able to learn thoroughly.

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