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Dear User, Please read the Terms of Use and the following Privacy
Policy carefully before using this site (www.saving-magazine.com).
The purpose of this site policy is to clarify the terms
of use and the policy used on the site, Collection data and use.

By browsing or using the Website, the surfer confirms that he has
read and understood the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and agrees to them,
without any condition or restriction, and it is clarified that these
will apply to him and bind him. If the surfer disagrees with the Terms of
Use and the Privacy Policy, then he may not browse or use the Site.

The Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy refer to both men and
women and the use of the masculine is for convenience only.

The site, and all that is contained in it and displayed in it,
are offered for use by the surfers AS IS, without any express,
implied warranty, of any kind, of the operators of the site.

The team that runs the site makes a great effort to ensure that
all the content presented in it is of high quality and accuracy,
but despite this, there may be a situation
in which a mistake was made or inaccuracy was created.

It should be clarified that it is not possible to adapt the contents
of the site and the site as a whole to the specific needs
of each and everyone, and therefore the surfers (or anyone acting on their behalf)
will not have any claims or demands against the operators of the site,
the content displayed therein, their correctness, accuracy or suitability.

The above does not detract from the fact that the operators
of the site do not guarantee that it is free of errors,
defects and harmful components, including viruses.

The site operators are not responsible for any third party rights
violations and do not guarantee that the site will be managed safely
and will be immune to errors, interference of any kind and unauthorized access.

Here you will find a wide range of information in a wide range of fields,
including medicine, economics, law, commerce and more.

Some of the content was produced by members of the site’s system,
and others were provided and managed by entities outside the system.

The surfers have the responsibility to examine each
content and validate it if it wishes to use it.

It should be emphasized that content posted on the site
is neither a recommendation nor an opinion.

In addition, in cases where consulting with qualified professionals is required,
the contents are not a substitute for advice from professionals.

The responsibility for the use of the content and the site is for surfers only.


Use of the site

The surfer may use the site, its contents and the services it operates
in accordance with the rules detailed below.

The Site, it’s content, and its services may not be used in any other manner.

The surfer is not allowed to use the site for commercial purposes,
unless explicit permission is given in writing or by email to the operators of the site.

Do not enable or allow any computer application or any other means,
including Robots software, to run, scan, copy, or automatically
retrieve content from the Site.

In this respect, it is forbidden to create or use such means
to create a collection or a database containing content or information from the site.

The contents of the site may not be presented in any way – including any software,
device, accessory or communication protocol that changes its
design or removes content or information from the site.

Do not link to the Site and the Contents from any source containing pornographic content,
content that promotes racism or illegal discrimination, or which are against the law,
or encourage activity that is against the law or whose publication is against the law;
It should be emphasized that the operators of the site,
anyone on their behalf and the site itself, bear no liability whatsoever for damages
caused by connection to the contents or for any publication
of content in any manner whatsoever.

In addition, the Site and its operators will not bear any responsibility for the
products and services displayed through links (as defined below) and
accordingly are not a party in any engagement with such service and/or product,
including with respect to their sale, purchase, supply or offer to surfers.

The sole and complete responsibility for any link, publication or presentation
of content made by you is solely on you, and hereby you undertake to
indemnify the Association for damages that may be caused as a result.


Links and references on the saving magazine website

The site may contain references and/or links to other sites,
sources of information, organizations, companies
and entities of various types (“links”).

It should be emphasized that the conclusion of the inclusion of a link on the site
regarding the content on the site to which the link refers,
and especially not as full, up-to-date or reliable.

The site and its operators (and anyone acting on their behalf) bear
no responsibility for any link whatsoever.

The links and/or content appearing on the Site may lead to information
or suggestions regarding the purchase of services and/or products,
and the Site and the operators (and anyone on their behalf) have no
liability for those products and/or services and are not part of any connection
between you and any third-party Link.

Any such communication will only be made with a third party,
at your own risk and/or responsibility, and the Site and its operators
(and anyone acting on their behalf) bear no liability or obligation whatsoever with
regard to the engagement.

Removing a link that appears on the site and/or adding
a new link will be done only at the absolute discretion of the site operators.

It is recommended that you carefully read all the terms
of use of the links and their privacy policy.

The above does not detract from the fact that the Site,
its operators and anyone acting on their behalf have no responsibility
for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the Site,
reliance on information appearing therein, purchase of products and
/And/or services, the use of content posted on the Site by a third party and the
use of information published on the Site by a third party – damage to you or your property.


Messages and mailing

A surfer who approves the receipt of mailings and/or newsletter will
be deemed to have expressed interest in receiving updates,
notices and advertisements (“the Content”) – both on behalf of the Website and on behalf
of other distributors. Content will be delivered in direct mail – including email, SMS,
automated dial-up systems, MMS, and/or other current or future modes of communication.

The surfer confirms that he is aware that the information included in the site
will be used by the site operators and/or anyone on their behalf, including
advertisers on the site, for the purposes of mailing the content to it.

The user may at any time remove himself from the mailing list,
for any reason he wishes, as detailed on each mailing message or by sending
an e-mail to the address under the heading “Request removal from a mailing list”
The absence of the word “advertisement” and/or “advertisements”
from the headlines of the various media outlets shall not constitute grounds for
prosecution under the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) Law, 2008.

The surfer shall have no claim against the site, its operators and/or anyone on
their behalf and/or other advertisers A connection for mailings stated.

The Site and/or its operators are not responsible for sending mailings by
other advertisers and will not be held liable for damage caused by this action.

The surfer is not obligated to provide any details to the site and/or its operators
and their delivery will be done according to the surfer’s wishes and sole responsibility.



It is clarified that the surfer does not have any obligation to provide
the information and his delivery depend on his will and consent.

The surfer is entitled to demand in writing that it be deleted from the database by sending an email to
contact.saving.magazine@gmail.com under the heading “Request for removal from the database”.


Privacy protection law

Every person is entitled, by himself or by his authorized representative in
writing or by a guardian, to inspect the information held in the database.

Or updated, you may contact the owner of the database, “Savings Magazine”,
with a request to amend or delete the information.



The “Savings Magazine” website uses cookies for its activity,
including collecting information about the users’ use of the site,
checking the identity of users of the service or information on the site,
in order to allow the surfer more convenient and easy use of the site,
Define the site for the user’s needs and preferences and for information security activity.

Cookies are text files that are stored by the site servers using the browser
on the hard drive of the computer that the surfer uses.

Cookies do not contain information that personally identifies the surfer,
but they contain information that contains data about his activity on the site.

The user may choose to refuse to save these cookies by changing the browser settings he uses.

The “savings magazine” site uses cookies to generate remarketing lists.


Use of information

The surfing user will collect information about the surfer,
his surfing habits on the site, advertisements, and interests of the surfer,
content pages he viewed, etc. By surfing the “savings magazine” website,
the surfer agrees to collect information from the site’s operators, subject to the regulations.

The “Savings Magazine” website undertakes to treat the information
collected about its surfers in accordance with the limitations of all the law.

Changes to site policies and privacy policy
The operators of the “Savings Magazine” website may edit and/or modify the site’s
policies and privacy policy at any time without the need for
prior notice of such changes and/or updates.


Confidentiality and intellectual property

Subject to the terms set forth above regarding privacy and the provisions of any law,
any material/information transmitted to us by a surfer, or published on the site,
including, inter alia, comments, comments, suggestions, etc.

(hereinafter: “materials / information”) are non-proprietary
and non-confidential information We’ll drive them.

The Site may use materials/information for any purpose,
including, inter alia, for copying, discovering, transmitting, publishing, etc.

The full intellectual property and all copyrights in the site,
all the services offered therein and all the content included therein
(other than content posted by the surfers) are the operators of the site or alternatively
belong to a third party who authorized the operators of the site to use them.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute, reproduce, publicly display, process, modify,
create derivative works, rent or sell any part of the above Terms and Conditions
and without any other means or means of action Acceptance of prior written
consent of the site operators and other rights, as applicable, in respect of the editing,
translation or rendering performed by the site operators
to content entered or delivered by a surfer on the site.


Absence of responsibility

Any use of the surfer on the site is at his sole risk.

The site and its operators are not liable if any damage, including,
but not limited to, direct damage, incidental damage, consequential damages,
penalties, loss of profits, damage to business conduct or loss of information
resulting from the use of the site, inability to use it, access to it or lack of access to the site.

This limitation of liability also applies to any damage to the computer equipment
of the surfer and any infection with the virus that may damage this equipment.

It is clarified that the operators of the site are not guarantors and do
not undertake that any file that is available for download from the site
of any kind will be free from Trojans, worms, viruses or any other code
that has destructive and harmful properties.

The “Saving Magazine” site has no responsibility with respect to the content presented therein.

The contents of this site are owned by the site and its operators
or owned by a third party, and are not intended to be used in any way,
The surfer is solely responsible for the use of the content of the site
and will not be able to make any claim/demand against the website owners or operators.

The Site and its operators are not responsible, in any way,
explicitly or implicitly, for the contents of the Site and for the actions that
maybe accessed on the basis of access to the Site, for services accessible through
access to this Site, including, but not limited to, / Or damages that may be
caused by defects or malfunctions in the software that runs this site.

Responsibility for the content of ads posted on the Site,
including information and rights, applies only to advertisers.

The site is not responsible for the content of the site’s publications and their reliability,
including any service and/or product offered to users in connection with these contents.

The mere publication of commercial information does not constitute any recommendation
or encouragement to purchase products and/or services
offered for purchase through links on the site.

The surfer hereby exempts the site, its operators and anyone for any reason
from any responsibility for the use of the information published as content,
and declares that he knows that the information has not been examined and that the site,
its operators and anyone on their behalf are not responsible for it.



The surfer will indemnify and compensate the site “Saving Magazine”,
its employees, managers or anyone acting on its behalf for any damage,
loss or expense incurred by them – including legal fees and court costs –
due to violation of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Claim and/or claim and/or demand that will be raised by a third party with
respect to the content/information that the surfer has
submitted for publication while he is on the site.


Law and jurisdiction

This Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall apply only to the laws of the State of
Israel and the courts in Haifa shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any
dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions.