The Influence Of Technology – technology has changed how we live our
lives by positively manipulating time.

There are hardly any area or aspect of our lives, which has not changed
or influenced by the use of technology.

This has happened because we humans are,
by nature, curious, creative, and we love problem-solving.

We have gone, in a few decades, from using simple machines
to advanced machine learning, Artificial intelligence,
use of intuitive and intelligent business tools, and communication
applications that even help us manage our social lives.

The good news is that the influence of technology
on our lives have been constructive and positive so far.

We have seen the physical world change,
but the many ways technology

has and is changing our lives in the following areas:

Influence of Technology on Education

Technology has had a positive role in education so far.

It has changed the way we learn and train.

We can now make use of accrued data, information,
and knowledge to our benefit.

Education and gaining knowledge have become more democratic
and is accessible to everyone with the right technological tools.

With the advancement of technology like modern communication,
no school, university, or educational institution is beyond reach.

Computers have now become ubiquitous in classrooms,
and every bit of information and knowledge gained can be shared
with the rest of the connected world, thanks to technology.

Influence of Technology on Communications

By far, the most important influence of
technology has been in communications.

We have gone from using simple wired communication tools
to the advanced wireless and Wi-Fi connected technological devices.

We now have smartphones, tablets,
and computers which can communicate
with other similar devices changing the way we learn,
work and socially interact with each other.

With the advent of modern communication devices and technology,
even financial and banking operations have
become faster, accurate and more reliable.

Influence of Technology on Our Social Lives

The impact of technology on our social lives been
dramatically important in recent times.

We cannot imagine connecting and regularly interacting with
our social circles in any other way.

We can connect with every person we
have known so far on the planet, from our junior school friends to
the people we meet on our travels,
with just a few clicks or tabs on
our smartphones or laptops.

It has even brought family members closer, with each person
being aware of every minute of the other person’s life.

There are three important fields in one’s life that are education,
communication and a social life that plays a
pivotal role and lead a way to live life.

We do have access to these smoothly
via technology advancement as it makes
everything available and accessible,
communicable and economical in terms of money, time and efforts.

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