Now is the right time for smart home devices which promise to make life
a little easier by not only automating complex
home processes but also helping in saving money.

Most of the modern cost-saving home devices are formulated to be
controlled by a dedicated app and even have voice control features.

Every year new devices are introduced to make the home safer, greener
with the added advantage of cost savings for the homeowner.

Some of the best smart home devices that save your money currently are:

1. Save Money with Smart Thermostats

The most popular smart household gadgets to come
out in recent times are the smart connected thermostat.

We know that utility bills make up a large portion of one’s monthly budget,
and any device that succeeds in saving on these costs is worth the investment.

These devices do not need constant tinkering and adjustments but use smart sensors,
geolocation technology, and information about the city’s weather
to adjust the home temperature and save a lot of money.

The cost of installation of such smart thermostats depends on
several factors such as home size, the season, and the climate of the place.

The best-connected thermostats currently are

Nest from Google- HVAC (Heating Cooling and Air Conditioning Controls)

Ecobee 4- with Amazon Echo Integration

Honeywell Evohome Wi-Fi

Vivint Element Thermostat

2. Start Saving Money with Smart Connected Light Bulbs

The new connected light bulbs are smart for a variety of reasons.

First, these are mostly LED bulbs which last longer
then the traditional energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs,
which translates into cost savings as they last longer.

Secondly, they consume at least 70-80 percent less
energy than a regular Incandescent lamp.

This translates into a lot of savings as typically a household spends more money on lighting than
all the other energy-consuming devices.

The best cost-saving light bulb in the market now is the Philips Hue line.

3. Save Money on Home Insurance with Smart Security Devices

The one expense not everyone thinks of is the cost of home insurance.

With so many homes getting burglarized, the insurance companies
would happily support any effort to minimize the risks.

Insurance companies now offer attractive discounts on monthly
premiums if a house has a sound security system installed.

There are many companies who make smart home security devices
which are recognized by insurance companies.

In order to eradicate duplication of efforts we
need to be smart in terms of investing.

We do think that investing in terms of luxurious items
is good but making a smart choice is worthy enough.

Therefore in order to match steps with the smart world
you need to make your homes smart too.

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