Food and Music – You must have heard that the experience
in a restaurant is not only in the food that you eat.

Actually, food is only half of the aspect of the restaurant and the
other half is the ambiance of the place.

We describe our experience in a restaurant in terms of the decor,
the waiting staff, and the music.

The last element, music, is pivotal in building a restaurant’s atmosphere.

Let’s see how food and music are connected.

1. Music makes us Eat in a Different Way

Music is the main external factor which determines how we eat.

Food and music are interlinked such that listening to music
while eating increases our food and drink intake.

Music also makes our lunch longer.

Together, a good meal and music can keep us longer in a restaurant.

Even the rhythm of music influences the rhythm of chewing.

2. Music Affects the Taste of Food

Generally, people judge the taste of the food with four senses:

taste, sight, smell, and touch.

However, the perfection of listening is also essential.

Chips taste much better when they are crispy.

This proves how sound changes our opinion of the food.

Actually, music and a good meal go hand to hand.

Music creates an atmosphere that improves the flavor of food.

A portion of good food with the appropriate music is a match made in heaven.

3. Music creates Emotional Links

Food and music can forge a strong connection in various ways.

There exists a strong correlation between the type of music
played in a place and the person’s affection for the place.

The more you like the music you hear in a place, the more you like that place.

Because of the same reason, the restaurant which has a good playlist
is likely to create more loyal customers because people will associate
the good music of the restaurant with the quality of food and ambiance of the place.

For this reason, only, some restaurants have customized
playlists while others hire professional DJs to improve the eating experience.

4. How to create a good Playlist

The playlist is curated according to the menu and level of formality of the restaurant.

The songs are chosen according to the moment of the meal.

This means that music must escalate to become stronger and richer while the main
course approaches and must become softer when more delectable meals are on the table.

Creating food and music that goes hand in hand assures great reviews from the customers too.

The melodious music and mouthwatering food always make a perfect combo.

The connection between both is nothing but a serene environment which
enables us to get ourselves involved in that aura and think of nothing else.

This pleases our mind and therefore makes it delightful and pleasing.

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