We need proper nutrition to have good mental and physical health.

The key to balanced nutrition is having an adequately portioned and balanced diet.

The amount of the nutrients we get from food affect not only how our body works
but also how we feel, it affects the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Why is Proper Nutrition Important?

Nutrients are needed by the body for overall growth, repair of body tissues,
building new cells and muscle tissues, and generate the energy required
to manage our day-to-day activities.

No single food can provide all the nutrients needed for our bodily functions.

By following an adequate nutrition plan, we can prevent or reduce incidents
of diseases and complications that affect our body

Elements of Proper Nutrition

A nutrient is that component of food that provides us elements
like proteins for cell bodybuilding and repair,
carbohydrate for our daily source of energy, fats, vitamins, fiber, and water.

The above element can further be divided into two categories depending on
the quantities we need for sustenance and survival:

1. Macro-nutrients for Proper Nutrition

Nutrients which are needed in fairly large
quantities by the body are classified as macro-nutrients.

Many of the macro-nutrients are essential
elements that provide us the daily energy needs.

Carbohydrates: Provides energy as much
as 4 kilocalories per gram includes monosaccharides
like glucose and fructose and polysaccharides like starch.

Proteins: Also provide a total of 4 kilo-calories per gram.

These are made up of building blocks called amino acids.

Most of the amino acids the body needs come from adequate
nutrition while some are produced by the body.

Fats: These elements provide almost 9 kilo-calories per gram and
are mainly made up of triglycerides and fatty acids.

Fats are required for many critical body functions
like absorption of micro-nutrients like vitamins,
produce hormones and maintaining brain health.

2. Micro-nutrients for Proper Nutrition

Minerals: The dietary chemical elements which our bodies need other than
oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen from the atmosphere.

A well-balanced meal should contain around 16 vital minerals
required by the human body for balanced nutrition
like Potassium, Sodium, Iodine, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, and many more.

Vitamins: These essential elements which mainly protects the body from diseases.

Most of the vitamins can be derived from
balanced nutrition while the body produces some.

The vital vitamins being Vitamin A,
Vitamin B series, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K.

Nutrition is important to keep your brains
working both effectively and efficiently, also in order to meet this you
need to be very particular about the intake of nutrients in your diet chart.

And if you lack some then it is advisable
to add proper macro and micronutrients to it.

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